Hospital Staff Member Charged for Sexual Assault

Hospital Staff Member Charged for Sexual AssaultSerious charges of sexual assault have been made against Luton and Dunstable Hospital staff member. The accused was under arrest of Bedfordshire cops and has been released on bail orders. The accused worker identity has not been disclosed but NHS foundation trust has suspended the accused.

The Luton and Dunstable hospital has issued a statement in this regard. The statement said that as soon as report of allegations by patients reached the authorities, the instant action was taken against accused by senior managers. Officials immediately reported the matter to cops and the case is now being probed by police.

It’s further stated that the allegations do not bear any connection with clinical issues or medical treatment of patients and are only related to behavior of staff member. All patients who had received treatment in recent times are being contacted by hospital and are inquired about the concerns, if any; they had while being treated there.

The accused was deputed at ward 17 and used to look after the patients who suffer with strokes.

Bedfordshire cops and hospital officials are working together on the case. The police officials have advised former patients to contact the officials from Vulnerable Adults Investigation Unit in case they have any concern or held any suspicions during course of their treatment.