Alcohol Report Indicates Brewing Troubles

Alcohol Report Indicates Brewing TroublesAs per the findings of the Victorian Alcohol Statistics Report, the number of alcohol-related violence and brawls has experienced a sharp rise over the period between 1999 and 2007.

It has been claimed by the report that regular intake of alcohol makes people churlish and to behave in unacceptable ways.

But strangely, the dire consequences of drunken-driving and alcohol-related deaths seemed quite rigid and still under control.

It was also unveiled through the report that people in search of alcohol rehabilitation care has been ascended to 55%.

Now with the released results of the much-awaited report, experts are in quest to find the magic bullets to curb the menace of alcoholism.

Mary Wooldridge, the Minister for the State Mental Health and Community Services, asserted: "This is the most comprehensive, detailed analysis of the impact of alcohol across the state, it's critical for developing solutions".

The findings of the report were released by the Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre in 2009.

Expressing his unrest and disbelief over figures, the Director for Turning Point, Professor Dan Lubman said that the report is the wake-up call for authorities as well as the people to realize what havoc the alcohol is playing.