Social media profile playing vital roles in college admissions

Social media profile playing vital roles in college admissions Students' social media profiles could affect their college applications as admission officers in US colleges are taking these profiles into account before giving admission to aspirants.

Admission officers in US colleges have admitted that they consider aspirants' profiles on social-networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and that the information found online influence their decisions.

Recently, a students' college application was rejected by the admission officers after they saw his/her Facebook profile.

According to StudentAdvisor, at least one application is being discarded due to something in his/her social media profile.

Allison Otis, who carries out interviews for Harvard College, said one should be very careful regarding one's online profile while applying for a college seat.

Speaking on the topic, Otis said, "When you apply to college you spend such a long time crafting an image through your applications and essays that to be careless about your online data is just silly."

Otis advised that one should be smart about it and must keep one's social media account private.


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