Dr. Lim Embarrassed the Medical Fraternity

Dr. Lim Embarrassed the Medical FraternityA case of medical fraud is making the headlines of leading news papers. A well renowned surgeon of Singapore, Dr. Susan Lim, is accused of over blowing the medical bill of a Bruneian patient.

Reportedly, the victim, late Pengiran Anak Hajah Damit, died of breast cancer after suffering the ordeal for the last seven years. Apparently, the specialist who treated the victim had made a bill of $400, which Dr. Lim pulled up to whopping to $211,000.

Additionally, the doctor had levied cancellation charges of another $2, 58,000 over the stipulated bill. Moreover, she added another $80,000 on account when her staff took her for the CT scan.

Shockingly, when the patient got admitted to the intensive care unit, she asked for $450,000 for the first day and $250,000 for the subsequent four days, in the name of "monitoring services".

With the case, becoming the point of contention for the medical fraternity, the Brunei High Commission sent alarming signals to the Ministry of Health (MoH) to intervene in the matter so that medical practices can be monitored.

In the wake of rising concern over the brewing issue, two MOH representatives visited the medical centers of Dr. Lim Cheok Peng, Chief Executive of Parkway Holdings. Moreover, Singapore's High Court Senior Counsel, Alvin Yeo has made an appeal from the behalf of the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), to conduct t a thorough investigation of the matter so that the perpetrator can be appropriately penalized.

Responding to the allegation, Dr. Lim has refuted all the charges made on her claiming that the bill was made with the consent of the victim.