Facebook, Twitter played major role in Egypt's upheaval

Facebook, Twitter played major role in Egypt's upheavalEgyptian protesters have appreciated social media’s role in the revolution against the country's dictator leader. The protestors have thanked the social networking sites to spread their views across the nation.
One of the protest leaders, Wael Ghonim has said that he would like to meet Mark Zuckerberg to thank him. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the popular social networking site Facebook. In an interview on CNN on Friday, he has commented that the revolution has started online first and then it had spread to all across the country. They have used Facebook to start the revolution and it worked for them.
But it has become difficult for the companies like Facebook or Twitter to stay neutral in this situation. The uprising in Egypt and other nations in Middle East has been hugely circulated by these social networking sites.
Even now the government of these countries may think of shutting off these networking sites to stop their use in circulating the revolution.
However, neither Facebook nor Twitter have issued their comments over this issue.