Five Hollywood studios sue Hotfile over copyright infringement

Five Hollywood studios filed a lawsuit against Hotfile Corp, claiming the movie-streaming service infringed their copyrights.

On Tuesday, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Universal City Studios Productions and Columbia Pictures jointly filed the suit with the US District Court, Southern District of Florida Miami Division.

The filed document states that Panama-based Hotfile aggressively encouraging users to upload and circulate copyrighted material. The suit claims that the website has pocketed huge profits from the arrangement.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Inc said in a statement, "Hotfile profits from this theft by charging a monthly fee to users who download content from its servers. Hotfile profits richly while paying nothing to the studios for their stolen content.”

The concerned five Hollywood studios have demanded damages along with injunctive relief.

Hotfile declined request to comment on the suit.

As per web-information firm Alexa, Hotfile. com is at the 57th position in the list of most visited website.