Angry Birds’ Super Bowl ad features embedded code for new level

Angry-BirdsAngry Birds’ Super Bowl commercial aired this Sunday featured an embedded code, which unlocks a secret level in the popular game.

The thirty-second commercial, which depicts Blu flapping his way through a sequence of weird situations, highlight the Angry Birds Rio application for phones and tablets.

Angry Birds Super Bowl advert is scheduled to run during the final three months of measure-up between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fox Broadcasting Network is airing Super Bowl XLV game. The unlockable level also provides contestants with an opportunity to win a trip to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for Rio film world premiere on 22nd of March.

The animated family comedy, Rio, will start running in theaters from 15th of April.

Those who missed the Angry Birds’ Super Bowl commercial can catch it on video-sharing service YouTube.