Students all Geared up to Rehabilitate Haiti Victims

HaitiThe young generation around the world is still pushing commendable efforts to rehabilitate the city of Haiti after the catastrophe struck the poor nation a year ago.

In the voyage of rebuilding the dithered nation, partners in Health, a relief group, is lending their helping hand to support the government and medical teams to distribute raw material to build clinics and other required service centers.

With the undeterred support from the students and many relief groups, over 51 medical professional and tons of supplies were able to reach the needy people in Haiti. In the wake of rising concern over cholera, a team of Partners in Health is rendering the services to distribute cholera vaccination and large-scale municipal water facilities.

Moreover, Students Rebuild, an organization to raise funds for the victims of Haiti earthquake, has assured of proving better clean water and better education to the younger ones, so that they don’t suffer in the long run.

Continuing the efforts, Students Rebuild has been able to generate $120,881 across 21 states and is expected to build schools for the students who are currently studying under the makeshift classrooms covered with plywood.


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