Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Philanthropy visit to India

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Philanthropy visit to IndiaThe world’s richest people , Warren Buffet and software giant Bill Gates are all set to make a mark on their imminent philanthropy visit to India. In the wake of pulling more and more people to lend their helping hand to the needy community, the two renowned personalities are reportedly making their presence felt by joining 'Giving Pledge' campaign.

Confirming the noble alliance, a spokesperson from ‘Giving Pledge’ has confirmed the scheduled visit of Buffet, bill and Melinda Gates to India.

Earlier, Gates and Buffet had made the similar visit to china for the same cause and expressed their interest in extending the noble efforts to India. Though the schedule is still under the wraps, the visitors are reportedly in talks with billionaires of other countries to garner more financial support for the social cause.

As per the Nobel cause the 'Giving Pledge' aims to invite richest individuals in US to donate their majority of the wealth for social causes, either during the lifetime or after the death. Last year, Bill Gates reportedly convinced Mark Zuckerberg to invest more than half of his fortune to the campaign under’ giving Pledge.'

Moreover, corporate honchos all over the world are very well aware with the personal inclination of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates towards the many global causes.