One-Tenth Children Hooked to Video Games

One-Tenth Children Hooked to Video GamesA study that was carried out recently by a team of researchers has stated that 10% children are hooked on to video games. Though, video gaming does not happen to cause any such negating effects. But, it needs to be noted that an excessive gaming routine can result in children suffering from other psychological problems.

The study involved students of third, fourth, seventh and eighth grade being handed out questionnaires by their teachers. The students were quizzed about how many games they played, apart from that they were also asked whether their gaming habits had any negating effect on other things, like studies, mingling with friends and any psychological problem.

The questionnaire involved 10-questions to ascertain whether children were addicted to video games. Apart from that, they were also asked whether their habits led to them not carrying their household chores, performing poorly in studies and playing video games to get rid of a bad memory.

However, the findings of this study have met with opposition from the Director of the International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, Mark Griffiths, who felt that he had carried out a study, which had reported that it was not necessary that children get addicted to such games. But, as some games involve a longer duration of time, children spend more time without any negating effects.

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