Ford, Chrysler call back around 160,000 vehicles

US manufacturers Ford and Chrysler are calling back tens of thousands of vehicles because of the safety troubles, the government stated out that on Friday.
Chrysler Group was calling back almost 143,000 vehicles by the 2008-2011 model years in 3 different filings, as per the report on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website.
The number 3 US automaker, handled by Italy's Fiat, called back around than 22,000 2008-2011 Dodge Ram trucks to address possible steering defects.
Chrysler also called back around 65,000 2009 Dodge Journey sport utility vehicles that can crash to arrange air bags, and 56,000 2011 Ram trucks to repair a bearing that shall affect them to stall.
Ford Motor, the countries 2nd biggest automaker, called back around 15,000 2011 model years of pickup trucks, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX SUVs to discus about an electrical problem that can produce a fire, the government stated out.


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