Dying Tongan Women Ignores Financial Help Offers

Dying Tongan Women Ignores Financial Help OffersA woman from Tongan, who is in a severe need of undergoing dialysis, unavailable in her homeland, is reported to have dropped off assistance offers extended by New Zealanders. It is claimed that many New Zealanders rose to offers financial help to the mother, Amelia Vai'angina after her afflicting story was aired on `ONE News'.

In addition, the tvnz. co. nz messageboard was flooded with assistance offers from people in New Zealand.

She was diagnosed with severe kidney failure after coming to New Zealand for eye treatment. In addition, the lady has been told that she now possess a few weeks to live.

However, ignoring all the support, Vai'angina, who has two children, told ONE News that she doesn't want to serve as a burden on others. The lady is reported to leave for Tonga tomorrow.

Besides, she extended her immense appreciation and thanks to all ready to financially support her.

"You have to look at it from the New Zealand government's point of view as well. There are many Pacific Islanders who suffer from diabetes and can not get this treatment. So the government is worried about setting a precedent,"ONE News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver posted.