New seat tech in Air NZ

New seat tech in Air NZAir New Zealand has decided for over a year to regulate its new seat technology. Before supplying it to other airlines it will be viewed properly.

Last week it returned to its home port of Auckland by its new Boeing, complete with Kiwi-designed interior after completing its first flight from the United States.

The first out of five which will take the airline's purpose-designed is the Boeing 777-300. It is manufactured with economy class overhaul, which is with its new skycouches.

A cheque to Boeing worth "eight figures" for the plane and the conclusion of four years work by the airline to redesign long-haul travel is under the control of Ed Sims, Group general manager international.

The airline is advertised as a rebellion in long-haul in its new Boeing built. For the first time on developing flights for customers in economy class it has kept an eye.

Mr. Sims has alleged that this class will be redefined in the market. Air New Zealand subsidiary Altitude has drawn all most its entire interior.