First Air NZ 777-300ER aircraft arrives

ANZThe first 777-300ER aircraft which is owned by Air New Zealand arrived and was given a very colorful welcome. The aircraft arrived from its base in Boeing's Seattle and is said to be bringing about a revolution in the economy-class.

The aircraft is just one of the five others where various products have been added by Air NZ so that they are able to make traveling experience different for the passengers.

For one there is famous Skycouch which has been called the cuddle class for the economy class. Then there is Premier Economy Spaceseat that has been drawn to provide enough space to couples who want to get closer without destroying the privacy of others.

Besides this, passengers can also order food which will be cooked on board. The inflight entertainment has also been updated and YouTube can be accessed too.

Ed Sims who has been involved with the project for the last four years said that a lot of money and effort have gone into it. He said that he had been waiting all this while to get a go through for it.

And since the new flight has been appalled by the experts, more is expected soon.