Boil Water Advisory Issued for People Living in Kelvin Heights and Frankton

Boil Water Advisory Issued for People Living in Kelvin Heights and FranktonIn order to prevent any outbreak of diseases because of a wastewater spill in Lake Wakatipu, the Lakes District Council of Queenstown has requested residents to boil water before using it. The people residing in Kelvin Heights and Frankton have been issued the advisory.

The spill was a result of a broken rising main at the pump station in Bay View. Talking about the incident, a Spokesperson for the Queenstown Lakes District Council, Meaghan Miller said that an unknown amount of polluted water had seeped into the lake Wakatipu.

Though, she said that there was no physical sign of contamination to the water, but in order to maintain safety in the area, the council had decided to announce the precautionary steps. It needs to be pointed out here that the lake is in extremely close to the reservoir intake of Kelvin Heights.

The organization that is responsible for the water supply of Queenstown, United Water is already chalking out a plan to sterilize the vicinity of the spill.

Meanwhile, water supply to Callaway will be suspended on a temporary basis in order to repair the water supply connection from Cherry Street to State 22. The repair work will be carried out on the North Kimrel Avenue.