Major airline conference in Queenstown

Air-New-ZealandBosses of Air New Zealand are saying that holding a big airline conference in Queenstown may aid in the promotion of the country as a top destination among the new and emerging international markets.

The chief executives of the biggest airlines in the world are now in the resort for the Star Alliance conference, which began yesterday.

In the next couple of days, the chief executives will be talking about membership development, expenses, product development and marketing.

The deputy chief executive officer of Air New Zealand, Norm Thompson, said yesterday that being able to get the airline representatives there was a coup in itself. He said how he along with Rob Fyfe, the chief executive officer of Air NZ had to work hard to get the meeting to happen in New Zealand.

However, he added that once that feat was achieved, working out Queenstown to be the host wasn't that much of a hard task as they wanted to display the best in their country.

He further said that all the chief executives of the mega carriers of the world who had never been there before were finally there and were completely swept off their feet.