Fonterra plans further investment in China

New Zealand's biggest company and the world's biggest dairy exporter, Fonterra has not lost interest in China despite execution of two milk or powder suppliers by China who are said to be involved in the melamine baby milk poisoning incident. The poisoned milk was supplied to at least 20 Chinese dairy companies, including SanLu in which Fonterra holds 43 per cent stake. The adulterated milk supply affected nearly 300,000 children and killed four babies due to attack on their kidneys. Melamine was added in the milk to enhance its protein contents for making more profit. The scandal cost dearly to New Zealand farmers who lost their $200 million investment. The role of Fonterra came into limelight following the execution of two persons from SanLu. The company has charged for not doing well for a charity project, the Fonterra Rural Maternity and Infant Healthcare Community Programme which was established to help the affected families. However, Fonterra's spokesman said that it is still committed to China for providing the recently introduced Anlene and Anmum milk powders into the market.

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