Children’s Negative Behavior Not Solely Due to Genes: Study

FamiliesGenes could not be held solely responsible for the instinct of mischievousness in one, as revealed by a recent study published in the international journal Psychological Medicine.

The crew of researchers led by Gordon Harold, the Head of Otago's Centre for Research on Child and Families studied the behavior of parents and children bearing relationship naturally through genes and those born through in-vitro fertilization. The survey was conducted on parents of 1000 children from Britain and America aged four-six years olds. The children were analyzed for their anti-social behavior and depression.

The study found that children’s anti-social behavior and anxiety was not related to genes as some of the children in both the groups - naturally conceived or through in-vitro fertilization showed such tendencies. The major impact was found to be of parents’ negative or positive behavior towards their children. Thus, the environment in which children are brought up contributes a lot in altering their behavior.

Jigsaw agency, which is a not-for-profit organization and which worked for the welfare of children and families said that the study brought out that the home environment was very significant for stimulating apt behavior in a child.

“The study found parents who were hostile to their children promoted increased levels of aggression in their children”, said Professor Harold.

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