Fiji Water to reopen from today

Fiji WaterThe US-owned bottled water firm Fiji Water restarted its functioning in the military-ruled Fiji area on Wednesday, saying that it will be in accordance with Fiji’s new water tax law that it had earlier branded as "untenable".

Fiji Water had closed its operations in the Pacific nation on Monday, saying the nation was increasingly becoming unstable and thus a risky place to carry on with business.

However, in a recent statement released by the US, it has been stated that the production of the brand will start again, which has greatly risen in popularity ever since celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige have been spotted carrying its palm-adorned bottles.

The re-opening will be effective from Wednesday onwards.

The company further said that it was committed to working with the Fijian government, and that it will continue to dedicate itself to helping the economy and the people of the country.

The company refused to make any further comment over the issue.

The shutting down of Fiji Water operations would have cost the nation one of its chief exports and many jobs in a country in which tourism, sugar and remittances are the alternative chief foreign exchange earners.



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