Heart Attack Patients are More Likely To Commit Suicide

Heart Attack PatientsA new study finds that people experiencing mental illness or heart attacks are more likely to commit suicide than people with no record of cardiac attack.

Dr. Karen Kjaer Larsen of Aarhus University in Denmark, a study Author told Reuters Health, "We know that many patients with (heart attack) suffer from anxiety and depression". The study based on statistical data from Denmark and reported in the journal Circulation concluded the fact that those people, who are unable to take the mental pain caused by heart attack tend to commit suicide.

She recommended that doctors should examine their state of mind after heart attacks so that their anxiety and depression gets sorted and they feel a sense of support.

She even added that "Awareness of the mental strain and articulation of the issue is important to let the patients know that mental reactions to (heart attack are) common".

Doctors must ensure that the patients have been benefitted with the rehabilitation program and are safe enough to be discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Redford Williams at Duke University Medical Center agreed with the findings and said that people are incapable of taking depressive events healthily, which compel them to commit suicide.

He added that heart attack patients should be examined for depression and treated for the same, but he doubted the fact that their mental state will be benefitted.


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