Father’s are better driver instructors: Study

 StudyAs per a recently done study by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and ACC, it has been found that the learner drivers prefer to be taught by their fathers. Moreover, the research also said that most of the learner drivers underestimate how much practice is needed before going solo. As per the findings of the research, close to 90% of the respondents are not clear on how much time one needs before driving the vehicle alone and most of them underestimated the amount of practice needed.

The research goes on further to explain that fathers have been considered as better instructors wherein close to 37% of the respondents said that fathers were better driver's instructors while 14% of them said opted for their mothers.

NZTA's national manager of road user behavior, Michael Cummins is of a view that the results were highlighted by the importance of structured training programmers. He also mentioned that lessons from a family instructor if supplemented by lots of supervised practice with family and experienced friends is the best way possible to learn to drive.

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