Withdrawal of Cough and Cold Medicines Reduces ER Cases for children

pharmacyThe removal of cold and cough medicines across pharmacy stores in America has resulted in the fall of the number of children visiting emergency rooms in America, as fewer cases of allergic reactions have been reported.

Researchers found that ER visits have dropped by more than half, from 2790 visits to 1,248 only. ER visits fell by 50% after the withdrawal of medicines from pharmaceutical stores.

Some parents, who are voluntarily providing cough and cold medication, are admitting their children in emergency rooms of hospitals.

"Keep all medicines up and away and out of sight", said Dr. Daniel Budnitz, the study's Senior Author and a Researcher at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pediatricians recommended the parents to avoid such medications, as they are quite strong and accidental overdoses results in increased heart rate, extreme drowsiness and sometimes even death.

Dr Elizabeth Powell, an ER physician at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital said that a lot of parents felt disappointment after the removal of the medicines, but she even added that it will take a while for them to understand its significance. It needs to be reminded that though people will face inconveniences, yet the removal of cough and cold medicines was the best way to counter the problem of reactions among children from such drugs.

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