Penguin acquires prosthetic beak

penguinIt is found that an injured penguin has received a prosthetic beak. It is getting better in a Rio de Janeiro zoo after he was found cut off on a nearby beach.

The zoo's veterinarian alleged that the acrylic proxy will help Magellan penguin named Tungo to catch fish on his own. The penguin is five-month-old.

About one month ago, the bird was found with a crushed bill. This happened due to a boat propeller.

After this accident he has only been able to eat with the help of caretakers. However very soon he will be ready to travel to a reproduction centre in California with other rescued penguins of this rare species.

The prosthesis was shaped from the broken piece of the original beak that was found with the animal.

It was made from the same material which is used to restore human bones. The surgery on Tungo was done by Veterinarian Marco Janackovic, he assumed that he had to be more careful not to cover the penguin's nostrils.

He said that his main motive was not covering his nostrils during the surgery with the resin material. This was done so to prevent him from dying during the surgery.



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