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Marvel to release its comics app for the iPad

comics-appAmong the most impressive of iPad apps that will become available on the April 3 launch day of the much-hyped Apple iPad will include the high-profile Marvel Comics App, which will enable iPad users to purchase and read the entire range of Marvel comics.

Intel, Nokia open up source code of MeeGo mobile OS to outside developers

Intel, Nokia open up source code of MeeGo mobile OS to outside developers

The source code of the MeeGo mobile operating system – a collaborative effort of the MeeGo community comprising Intel and Nokia - was Thursday opened to outside developers. The release of the MeeGo distribution infrastructure and operating system base to open source developers included images pertaining to three builds – namely, the Intel Atom-based netbooks; ARM-based Nokia N900; and Intel Atom-based smartphones running on Moorestown chip.

Cisco launches new Valet lineup of ‘simple design’ consumer-grade routers

CiscoIn an attempt to simplify the design and the wireless set-up for consumers, Cisco Wednesday launched a new line of home networking routers – Valet, which will likely compete in the easy-to-use category of home and consumer-grade products.

Amazon strikes pricing deals with two leading publishers

AmazonAccording to reports published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and BusinessWeek, two leading publishers - News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers and CBS’ Simon & Schuster - have struck strategic e-book pricing-related deals with Amazon. com; whereby most of the new best sellers will cost between $12.99 and $14.99, while some will be priced at Amazon’s $9.99 standard.