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Twitter to bring pop-up notification alerts to its website

TwitterMicroblogging service Twitter has revealed in a recent announcement that it will roll out notification alerts to its twitter. com website in the coming weeks.

According to the Twitter announcement, pop-up notifications will soon start appearing for users who access Twitter directly from the twitter. com website. The notifications will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the users' timeline.

Twitter to introduce 15 types of new ads into timelines

TwitterAccording to recent reports, including one from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), popular microblogging service Twitter has plans underway to roll out new types of ads over the next few weeks; with the first set of the new products scheduled for release next month.

Microsoft reveals final hardware design of Kinect for Windows v2

MicrosoftIn a recently-released official blog post, Microsoft has unveiled the final hardware design of Kinect for Windows v2. The release of the hardware design comes months after Microsoft shipped out its Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview kits in December 2013.

Samsung launches Galaxy S5 – its most innovative Android handset yet

GalaxyElectronics biggie Samsung has recently launched its new flagship handset - the Galaxy S5, which is the company's most innovative Android smartphone till now. The high-end Galaxy S5 handset will hit the store shelves on April 11; with a retail price tag of $US829 (£517).

Twitter planning to remove @ and # symbols from its their user interface

TwitterDuring the course of a recent event organized by the Newspaper Association of America in Denver, popular microblogging service Twitter's head of news, Vivian Schiller, hinted that Twitter apparently has plans underway to remove the @ and # symbols from its user interface.

Lenovo acquires Unwired Planet’s mobile patent portfolio for $100 million

lenovoBigwig Chinese firm Lenovo has revealed in a recent announcement that it is acquiring the mobile patent portfolio of Unwired Planet. The announcement by Lenovo comes within weeks of the company's acquisition of Google's Motorola Mobility subsidiary.