Spotify service made available on PC, Mac, iPhone; rumors about consoles rebuffed!


With Spotify having made its iTunes-akin, advertising-funded free music streaming service available on the PC, Mac and iPhone in some regions, rumor-mills have been going abuzz about the service soon being had available on the next-generation gaming consoles.

Recently, Baxy-Z, citing unnamed ‘insider’ sources, has also reported that the Spotify software would likely make it to the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Already, Last. fm, launched for the Xbox Live two weeks back, has overwhelmingly received by game enthusiasts.

'iPhone/Privacy A' Worm Hits 'Jailbreak' iPhones, More Malicious than 'Ikee'


21-year-old Ashley Town had last week created a harmless virus that attacked 'jailbreak' iPhones all over Australia and changed the users' current wallpapers to a picture of the 80s singer Rick Astley. Now, a more malicious worm has been let loose, which takes advantage of the same vulnerability that was identified by the youngster. Only, this one actually attacks sensitive private information like text messages, internet bookmarks and contacts.