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US infant death rate increased by premature births

US infant death rate increased by premature births

As per a government report the main reason for the increased infant mortality rate in the U.S. is the number of premature births due to the poor care of low-income pregnant women.

AT&T Takes Verizon Wireless to Court

AT&T, Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless was recently sued by the AT&T Inc. for misleading customers. According to AT&T, Verizon Wireless is said to be allegedly misleading people with false advertisements. Verizon wireless is AT&T's biggest mobile rivals.

The lawsuit which was recently filed in Atlanta federal court by AT&T pointed that during a recent ad campaign, Verizon wireless showed white patches on a map that misleads the customers.

Best Buy to Facilitate Digital Delivery of Home Videos

Best Buy

Best Buy Co., the largest and top ranked retailer of consumer electronics in the US, in partnership with CinemaNow, is all set to make renting and buying of home videos for its customers easier and quicker by digitalizing the whole process with the help of the digital delivery system software.

ADA Launches Campaign to Spread Awareness About Diabetes

American Diabetes Association

On November 2, the American Diabetes Association launched a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about the seriousness of diabetes, a condition that people generally do not consider very dangerous. In addition, the drive also strives at spreading correct information on the condition which is now rapidly growing, and dispelling any myths.

ADA has brought together the media, bloggers, social media, partners and many more to make sure that the general public's lack of understanding about diabetes can be properly addressed.

Hormone Therapy Might Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients - Study

Prostate Cancer Patients

A study which has been running for a very long time, has revealed that a short course of hormone blocking therapy could prove beneficial, albeit in small amounts, to patients of prostate cancer. The benefit, however, is limited to a very specific group of patients who under go radiation therapy.

Food Stamps Help Many Poverty Stricken Homes Around America

Food Stamps

In a recent collection of data from over the years, it has been revealed that nearly all American children and teens, at some point in their lives, have or will live in homes where food stamps are provided regularly.