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US Private Equity Firm Blackstone Invests $200 Million in Partners Life

US Private Equity Firm Blackstone Invests $200 Million in Partners Life

Partners Life, the life insurer based in Auckland announced that US private equity firm Blackstone is investing $200 million in the company and will hold lesser than fifty percent with "a significant minority shareholding". However the specific level of holding was not disclosed.

Towle & Co a Major Shareholder of Tribune Urges the Publisher to Consider Gannett’s Deal

Tribune Publishing has earlier rejected offers from Gannett but this time another major investor is calling for Tribune to consider the deal with Gannett. The move comes only a couple of days after Gannett increased its offer to $864 million to acquire the company.

The Senate Blocks Stricter Regulations on Retirement Saving Advice from Financial Professionals

On Tuesday, a measure was passed by the Senate which was aimed at stopping a regulation by the Department of Labor which critics worry will work as a barrier for the low and middle income Americans from looking for retirement advice from financial professionals.

Intuit Inc Reports Earnings Surpassing Expectations

On Tuesday Intuit Inc. reported its fiscal third quarter results which turned out to be better than expected. The company has also benefited from the sale of its businesses like Demandforce, QuickBase and Quicken for cash of $463 million.

Names are Expected to be Announces as Replacements for Ousted Members from Sumner Red stone’s Family Trust

In an unexpected move on Friday, two of Sumner Redstone's longtime lieutenants were removed from their specific positions which they held in the trust that is slated to control Mr. Redstone's entertainment companies after he dies or is incapacitated.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology Agrees to Pay $3.5Million as Fine to Settle Animal-Abuse Violations

On Friday, an agreement was announced where Santa Cruz Biotechnology agreed to pay $3.5 million as fine for violating the 1966 Animal Welfare Act.


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