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NASA Hopes to Use Laser Technology Often After Successfully Sending Mona Lisa Images

NASA Hopes to Use Laser Technology Often After Successfully Sending Mona Lisa ImagesA recent report has shared that Mona Lisa's image has been used as part of an experiment revolving around deep-space communications. It was sent from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Flu Continues To Haunt East Haven

Flu Continues To Haunt East HavenA recent report by the state Department of Health has confirmed that there are as much as 2,456 confirmed cases of flu in Connecticut, which in itself is a scary figure. It is strongly believed after looking at the current state of flu, it is by far the worst scenario from the last two flu seasons.

Deep Brain Stimulation Trailed Against Alzheimer's Damage: Report

 ReportWhile there is no doubt over the fact that Alzheimer has challenged medical community for so long and on the same lines, a slew of U. S. experiments is being planned to look for treatments beyond what has been find out so far. Though it is not sure if it will derive out some concrete results, only a few dozen people with early-stage Alzheimer's are being made part of the same in selected hospitals.

Florida Unemployment Rate Improves, Reveals Report

UnemploymentAccording to a recently released report by the state Department of Economic Opportunity, it has been revealed that Florida's unemployment rate has reached at 8%.

Debt Ceiling Debate Makes Economists Shiver

DebtIt is not the first time when a debate with regard to whether or not the government will raise the limit of borrowing has taken place. It had happened in 2011 as well when experts started making predictions that whether Congress is going to increase the federal limit or not.

Has Violin Memory Acquired GridIron Systems?

Violin-MemoryIf latest rumors are to be believed, Violin Memory has acquired GridIron Systems. Yes, above information is coming from few unnamed individuals, who claim that the acquisition of GridIron Systems has been recently done by Violin Memory.

In context to the same, the folks at AllThingsD reports that the announcements regarding the acquisition will be officially made on Monday, January 21.

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