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Lynda and Jasmin Flew To South Korea for Weight Loss Surgery

Lynda and Jasmin Flew To South Korea for Weight Loss SurgeryThe surgery of two ‘Super Obese’ women was refused by New Zealand's health system so they travelled to South Korea for the weight-loss surgery. The women were first told by their district health boards that they met the criteria but later on the boards refused to pay for the surgery. Neither Lynda and Jasmin nor their families were in favor of paying $35,000 for private surgery in New Zealand.

Baby Formula produced by Maeil Dairies banned in Gyeonggi Province

Baby-FormulaA research was conducted by the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service to have a check on baby formulas produced by Maeil Dairies. As a result the product was found constituting some bacteria’s that could cause food poisoning and other illnesses in humans. Skin infections and many other health complications are also among the illnesses of this bacterium.

Two Obese Women on Life Saving Trip to South Korea

Two Obese Women on Life Saving Trip to South KoreaTwo severely obese women in New Zealand are all geared up to be on the life saving trip to South Korea. The two women, Wellington woman Lynda Sim, 45, weighing about 160kg, having Type 2 diabetes and Jasmine Sciascia, 26, from Wanganui, weighing almost 200kg, are reported to have received a free deal from Korea Tourism Organization to receive free surgery.

South Korean Director utilizes iPhone 4 to shoot film

iPhone-4The iPhone news alert is being taken in use for all kind of work although an award-winning film director has explored a fresh way to utilize the famous gadget to shoot a complete horror film.

South Korean movie director Park Chan-wook utilized an iPhone 4 to shoot his movie "Paranmanjang."

South Korea to Vaccinate All Livestock to Control FMD Pandemic

South Korea is struggling with worst ever foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) pandemic that has hit the country. The Agriculture Ministry announced after a meeting chaired by President Lee Myung-Bak that all the livestock in the country will be immediately vaccinated to curb the spread of FMDs.

In a statement the Ministry said that the vaccination drive will be conducted in places where the diseases have not yet spread to control further spread so that fewer animals are needed to be culled.

Seven New Cases of Foot-And-Mouth Disease in South Korea

Seven New Cases of Foot-And-Mouth Disease in South KoreaOn Sunday, seven cases of foot and mouth disease surfaced in South Korea, including two cases that were reported at separate livestock farms in South Korea. The news is worrisome for the health authorities.

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