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Partial strikes at Hyundai Motor’s causes losses worth billions as sales fall

Partial strikes at Hyundai Motor’s causes losses worth billions as sales fallThe sales of Hyundai Motor Co fell for the first time in over three years in August owing to partial strikes at South Korean factories that hit the domestic sales hard. Workers in their first walkout in four years came as the second costliest strike for the South Korean automaker.

Samsung and Apple infringed each other’s patents: Seoul court ruling

 Seoul court ruling In a ruling by a court in Seoul, Apple and Samsung have violated each other’s patents and has prohibited the companies from selling the infringing devices in South Korea. Also awarded both the company’s insignificant damages, the ruling was given by a three judge panel, reported The Wall Street Journal.

South Korea Custom Officers Seized Flesh Capsules

South Korea Custom Officers Seized Flesh CapsulesAs per reports, it has been revealed that the custom officers of South Korea have discovered smuggled drug capsules, which are filled with powdered flesh of dead babies. Officials said that the medicines are thought to cure many health problems.

Coyotes Cloned in South Korea

Coyotes Cloned in South KoreaIt has been revealed in a recent report that a stem cell scientist from South Korea has been able to clone an endangered coyote species. This is according to a project funded by the provincial government. The name of the scientist is Han-Woo-suk and he has successfully cloned an endangered species, with the help of his research and development.

Chevrolet improves its lineup with new-for-2012 Sonic compact sedan

ChevroletThe Sonic is Chevrolet’s new-for-2012 compact sedan and five-door hatchback, which will be positioned as an entry level model and marks a notable improvement to the automaker’s lineup!

Samsung may seek ban on Apple’s iPhone 4S

Samsung may seek ban on Apple’s iPhone 4SSouth Korean electronics giant may drag Apple to court in Italy, France and maybe other countries over claims that the Cupertino, Calif.-based gadget maker's new iPhone 4S infringe on its wireless communications patents.

Samsung said it could challenge Apple's iPhone 4S in Paris and Milan, the UK and other places, claiming that the new iPhone breached its patents on WCDMA technology.

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