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Android ‘Ice Cream’ to feature in summer 2011

Sony-EricssonA recent development in case of Android OS version, codenamed Ice Cream, is timed to release in June or July, states technology website Pocket-lint.

According to the recently help pronouncement Ice Cream at its I/O developer conference this May in San Francisco.

San Francisco plans to ban the McDonalds’ Happy Meal toys.

McDonaldsWe all are aware that fast food is not good for health since it is full of excess fat, calories and sodium. The meals are usually based on meat which is highly damaging to the environment along with our health.

Despite all this knowledge, we seem to think that it is completely alright to use toys and other child-oriented incentives to lure children to eat fast food and get several millions on the habit early on.

Promoted Tweets Become Platform for Marketing

Promoted Tweets Become Platform for MarketingTwitter organized its first developer's conference this week. The conference was christened Chirp and was held in San Francisco.

At the conference, many of the third-party developers were amazed to know that Twitter has purchased Atebits--makers of the Tweetie app. Atebits will before long be renamed as Twitter for iPhone.

Los Angeles area tops EPA’s “Energy Star” list, followed by D.C. and San Francisco

epaAccording to an ‘energy-efficient commercial buildings’ list recently compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Los Angeles area took the top spot among metropolitan regions with energy-efficient buildings, followed by Washington D. C. area in the second place and the San Francisco area in the third.

The 2010 “Sunday Streets” program commences in San Francisco

sunday-streetsIn an initiative to encourage people to step out of their cars and engage in some exercise, the 2010 “Sunday Streets” program – being touted as an exciting, safe, ‘car-free’ way by which families can explore their vicinity - commenced in San Francisco on Sunday, March 14.

Japan's Astellas to Buy Prostate Cancer Drug Rights

Japan's Astellas to Buy Prostate Cancer Drug Rights

In a recent medical development, Japan's top ranked drug maker Astellas Pharma Inc., will be paying a whopping $765 Million to acquire global rights to develop, manufacture and market an experimental medicine for prostate cancer.

Under the deal, San Francisco's Medivation Inc,., will be paid an upfront amount of $110 Million by Astellas, and the remaining $655 Million will be paid by Tokyo's giant drugmaker as and when the drug's development and sales goals are met.