Wendy’s Company says More Number of Restaurants Affected by Cybersecurity Issues

Wendy’s Company says More Number of Restaurants Affected by Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity issues are plaguing more and more companies and Wendy's Company is the recent victim.

College Soccer Star’s Sweat and Body Heat Sends her to Emergency Room

Caitlin-McComishFor a game player, sweat does not matter, but for this college soccer star, it is a big matter of concern and can send her to an emergency room. Caitlin McComish, 20, from White House, Ohio, has been diagnosed with a severe form of a health condition called cholinergic urticarial.

Red Meat Under Bad Light Again

Red-MeatRed meat seems to be coming under lime light, but not for good reasons. Earlier, red meat was said to be bad due to presence of saturated fats and cholesterol in it.

Yet again, red meat has come under bad light and this time, it's a chemical present in it named as carnitine. Experts were of the view that when the compound will enter into the body then it can harden the arteries. Hardening of arteries can lead to a rise in risk of heart attack.

Officials get Stricter over ‘Painkiller Tourists' Trade

PainkillerSo-called ‘prescription tourists’ are the latest concerns of the law enforcement officials of states like Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, who have started coming up in their fight against this uphill battle.

Pets May Help in Improving Mental and Physical Health of People

PetsResearchers at the Miami University in Ohio have found that pets help in improving the mental and physical health of their owners. The study was published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on Monday.

The Co-Author of the study, Allen McConnell, said that pet owners have greater self-esteem and are more physically fit as compared to others. Researchers have also found that pet owners are less likely to be lonely than others.