New York

New Insurance Law Improves Access to Medical Care

InsuranceA group of researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York has found that health reforms introduced by some states, that say that children should be allowed to remain on health insurance of their parents, showed better medical results as compared to those in other states.

Positive Parenting Beneficial For Curbing Obesity

ObesityObesity has been causing concern to parents in the United States, where children are reluctant to follow healthy diet plan. The reluctance of kids in consuming healthy food has made them vulnerable to obesity.

However, it is believed that if parenting is positive, kids can be saved from being obese. A recent study conducted by Laurie Miller Brotman from New York University has found that parenting can play vital role in reducing the waist line of the kids.

ADHD Chances Increased Due To Drawbacks

ADHDA study has recently revealed two types of disadvantages while the birth of the person, might lead to an increased risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This means that if an infant has been born to a mother who probably has diabetes, as well as belongs to a poor social background, he will have more chances of contracting the disorder.

Acid Reflux Rising Again

heartburnA newest and so-called largest study till now examining the growing cases of heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux has recently concluded a massive rise in the number of people, who are today suffering with the acid reflux.

Not only this, the researchers have also revealed from the study that the increase in the affected people is very high that the number that persisted a decade ago.

Alimera’s Shares Tumble After US FDA Rejects Eye Drug

Eye-DrugIt appears to be tough rise ahead of Alimera Sciences, as it has got refusal from the Food and Drug Administration for its drug Iluvien. Meant for those who are suffering from diabetic macular edema, or DME, the drug is told to have been found unsafe to be recommended for clinical application.

Researchers at New York Stem Cell Foundation use new approach to harvest stem cells

Researchers at New York Stem Cell Foundation use new approach to harvest stem cellsThe setbacks in harvesting stem cells apparently did not deter the New York Stem Cell Foundation researchers, who have now fallen back on the fundamentals for generating patient-derived embryonic stem cells by bettering the original method of using oocytes – that is, unfertilized human eggs!