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Ex-Obama adviser suggests reclassification of Web access by FCC

fccIn a Sunday report in the New York Times, Susan Crawford – an ex-adviser to President Obama – said that a formal reclassification of Web access as “telecommunications services” might help the administration to reclaim its authority for pursuing both network neutrality and extensive accessibility of broadband.

New York Museum adds ‘@’ symbol to its architecture and design collection

New-York-MuseumWith the ‘@’ symbol essentially being a potent embodiment of the Internet era and its continually evolving language, the New York Museum of Modern Art Monday announced the addition of the ‘@’ symbol to its architecture and design collection.

Ground Zero workers to be compensated

Ground-Zero-workersThe New York City has agreed to pay a compensation of about $657.5 million to people who worked at the Ground Zero and ended up getting injuries and other ailments.

The lawyers of these plaintiffs said about 10,000 plaintiffs would be compensated depending upon the severity of their illnesses and the level of their exposure to contaminants at the World Trade Center site.

NZ Drug May Add to Relief of Gout sufferers

NZ Drug May Add to Relief of Gout sufferersThe head of Industrial Research Ltd's (IRL) biotechnology division, Richard Furneaux, revealed that his team is working in collaboration with scientists in New York on a new approach aimed at reducing effects of those whose suffer from arthritis.

Wellington scientists are working on a new medicine they say may provide relief for millions of people who suffer crippling pain from gout.

AT&T Pulls iPhone from Online Sales in NYC and Suburbs

AT&T Pulls iPhone AT&T Pulls iPhone from Online Sales in NYC and Suburbs

Speculations are that AT&T, the giant American telecommunications services provider, has pulled the iPhone from online sales to customers currently residing in New York City and its surrounding suburbs. No official explanations have been offered about the move.

Across all other AT&T markets, the sales have continued as they were.