EU Rules Should Change to Test Adult Cancer Drugs in Children, say ICR

DrugsThe Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, has urged European Union (EU) to change its rules that do not allow children with cancer to get access to life saving drugs. The ICR said in a press release that drug manufacturers are often denied permission for carrying out trials of treatments in people under age of 18. As a result, children are not offered the latest cancer drugs because they have not been tested for their efficacy in children.

People at Risk of Having Frostbite and Hypothermia during Frigid Weather

WeatherAccording to a latest report, the cold weather alert is expected to last up till Thursday in London as well as in Middlesex.

It has been revealed by experts that due to the drop in the temperature there are full chances that people in the region can suffer from frostbite and other cold weather related problems.

Babies can tell the difference between their bodies and other bodies

BabiesAccording to a new research, infants are conceived with self-cognizance, which permits them to separate their forms from different people's forms.

The specialists accept this disclosure could help them to comprehend atypical advancement in a few newborn children, for example those that go ahead to improve extreme introvertedness.

Selena Gomez’s new single ‘Rule the World’ a breakup song?

Selena GomezIt's all work and no time to play for Selena Gomez.

The singer and actress is busy promoting her film Spring Breakers and has also released her new single `Rule the World'.

However, this is not her first single on the new album but the song `Come and Get It' is. This song will be released in April.

According to many Selena's new song `Rule the World' is about her break up with former boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Her first time in 17 years and Geri Halliwell felt ‘liberated’

Her first time in 17 years and Geri Halliwell felt ‘liberated’ It was Geri Halliwells first time and her experience in her own words was `liberating'.

Don't get your hopes too high, what we are talking of is Ginger Spice's first time on a Tube in 17 years.

The 40 year old singer indulged in using public transport after a long time and joined the crowd commuting in the yesterday morning through central London.

Changing Environment is Leading to Extinction of Various Reptiles Worldwide

king-cobraAs per a new study done by Zoological Society of London in conjunction with the IUCN species survival commission, it has been found that one-fifth species of world's reptiles are at the risk of extinction and other 19% of world's reptiles are threatened. The reptiles, who are said to be the indicators of the environmental changes, are at a greater danger of extinction due to leading environmental changes.