Eye care training in China by Orbis continues

Eye care training in China by Orbis continuesUpheld by Alcon, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) will visit Jinan in China to offer a serious preparing and aptitudes program, which intends to reinforce ophthalmic administrations in the Shandong Province.

The two-week trek, which will be the second to the district, will concentrate on giving broad preparing in regions, for example, glaucoma and cataract, and in addition medicinal and surgical retina.

LG withdrawing low-cost China smartphones to focus on premium models

LGIn an evident attempt to revive its profit by focusing on premium smartphone models which run on high-speed fourth-generation (4G) networks, South Korean device maker LG is pulling its range of low-cost handsets in China.

Second case of new bird flu strain H10N8 in China

Japanese PM witnesses Republic Day paradeChinese powers have affirmed the second human instance of the new H10N8 strain of fledgling influenza, shrunk by a lady who is in basic condition in clinic in the east of the nation, it was reported.

The 55-year-old lady was conceded to doctor's facility in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi region, on January 15, grumbling of a sore throat and wooziness, it was said.

Chinese-developed new operating system - ‘China Operating System’ (COS) – unveiled last week

Chinese-developed new operating system - ‘China Operating System’ (COS) – unveiled last weekAccording to a Chinadaily report, a new China-developed operating system - called the `China Operating System' or COS - was officially unveiled last week.  The OS has been developed by state institution Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Chinese firm Lian Tong Network Communications Technology.

Chinese Man Jailed for Poisoning Frozen Dumplings that were Later Exported to Japan

Chinese-Man-PoisoningAfter getting frustrated due to behavior of colleagues and lower wages, a Chinese man injected a highly poisonous pesticide into frozen dumplings that were later exported to Japan.

Apple iPhone kicks off its much-anticipated sales in China

Apple iPhone kicks off its much-anticipated sales in ChinaAs a result of US tech giant Apple's iPhone deal with bigwig Chinese carrier China Mobile, the highly-anticipated sales of the iPhone have kicked off in China.  With China Mobile being the largest phone network in the emerging Chinese smartphone market, Apple's iPhone deal with the company is noteworthy because China Mobile is Apple's latest and biggest partner.


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