Scientists solver snoring using 3D printing

Scientists solver snoring using 3D printingThe revolutionary 3D printing is now being used by scientists to create mouthpieces made of titanium which will assist snorers to breather much easily when they sleep. People who snore suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea which leads to disrupted sleep.

Blind woman sees through bionic eye

Blind woman sees through bionic eyeDianne Ashworth could not have been more delighted than she was the day she could see more than just blobby images and traced her way all the way to a target located on a far away wall. She could not see at all for the last 20 years.

This was a memorable walk for her since she lost her eyesight and covered the distance on her own without the guidance of her dog who was her substitute for sight for very long.

News of male breast cancer

News of male breast cancerIt was shocking news to hear that former NSW chief Nick Greiner was diagnosed with cancer but what was even more surprising was the kind of cancer that he was suffering from. He has been diagnosed with a tumour in his male breast.

Cancer Council CEO Ian Olver stated that with somebody noticeable like Nick Greiner turning out, a great number of men will know for the first time that they too can be diagnosed with cancer in the breast.

Individuals discover bearded men more attractive

Individuals discover bearded men more attractiveNew research from the University of New South Wales affirms what cultivators of facial hair have hoped since now.

Individuals do discover men with beards more magnetic, yet just in the event that they are encompassed by clean-shaven men.

The study utilized photos of 36 men taken when they were clean-shaven, with light and substantial stubble, or a full facial hair.

Snake venom used to speed up patients' blood tests

Snake-venomLethal Australian snake venom is constantly utilized within an imaginative new item to quick track blood test outcomes for genuinely sick patients.

The chomps of eastern tan snakes and waterfront taipans are hazardous in light of the fact that their venom causes a victimized person's blood to coagulate.

Seeing facial hair often in men make them appear less attractive

Seeing facial hair often in men make them appear less attractiveAustralian scientists say that facial hair is more magnetic when seen on a man - however just when it is seen infrequently.

Scientists from the University of NSW have found that in, too much facial hair seen often in men made them less attractive, while clean-shaven appearances were likewise more magnetic around a gathering of beards.