Nowra cancer sufferer needs medical cannabis

Nowra cancer sufferer needs medical cannabis Nowra lady Sarah* abhors feeling like a criminal on the grounds that she is offering cannabis to her diminishing spouse.

John*, who is in his 40s, was diagnosed with a forceful type of oral disease in February when he was offered six to 12 months to live.

Food safety standards not met by Adelaide supermarket deli meats

Food safety standards not met by Adelaide supermarket deli meatsMeat items sold at Adelaide market deli are not meeting food health guidelines and the blame could be put on unhygienic nourishment handling, a study says.

How quick is exactly too quick for men?

How quick is exactly too quick for men?The two most dreaded words for men are undoubtedly `Premature Ejaculation'.  What is the exact measure of and early ejaculation?

An international group of specialists have come to the conclusion that three minutes or less than that will be considered as premature ejaculation. They have agreed on a certain definition for the disorder over a century after it was first documented.

Mothers of four year old kids have higher risk of depression

depressionA new research has found that mothers with children aging four years of age suffer a higher risk of developing depression as compared to those who have just become a new mother.

Depression is a very common factor among women who become mothers the very first time but this risk is highest among those moms who have four year old kids as compared to women who have just delivered their first child.

Deadly melanoma pimple makes doctors issue warning

melanomaDermatologists have issues warning to all Australians against a pimple which looks harmless but is the reason behind hundreds of deaths every year. Delayed diagnosis in cancer patients leads to six times the risk of death.

This cancerous pimple looking nodule is red in colour and is nothing like a dark mole which misleads even skin specialists to believe that it's a harmless form of skin cancer or even just a pimple.

Scientists solver snoring using 3D printing

Scientists solver snoring using 3D printingThe revolutionary 3D printing is now being used by scientists to create mouthpieces made of titanium which will assist snorers to breather much easily when they sleep. People who snore suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea which leads to disrupted sleep.


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