Auckland council severance payments examined

 Auckland council severance payments examinedThe Auditor General is investigating the severance payments of the chief executives of the eight local councils of Auckland. The Auditor General will also consider the payments which are to be paid at the end of this month as a part of the local government reforms of the region.

Goodman Property Trust poached by AMP NZ Office Trust again

Goodman PropertyGoodman Trust’s Chief Financial Officer, George Crawford has joined AMP NZ Office Trust. This is the second man from Goodman Trust to join AMP NZ Office. The first man was Mr. Scott Pritchard, who had joined as a new chief executive last month.

SFO investigated suspected $1.4m scam

SFO investigated suspected $1.4m scamThe Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has charge an Auckland businessman of unfairly getting more than $1.4 million at the time when he was general manager of a self running security equipment supply business.

Martyn Tewsley Scott, 51, comes out in the Auckland District Court yesterday accusation with seven representative counts of accessing a computer system for a fraudulent reason.

Newmarket Business Association is delighted on Lion Nathan decision on buy back the site

Newmarket Business Association is delighted on Lion Nathan decision on buy back the siteNewmarket Business Association is delighted on the Lion Nathan decision on buy back the site of its former Newmarket, Auckland.

Penalty for bringing in jelly with NZ tag

Royal JellyA corporation that misinforms customers concerning a product being supplied from native bees and prepared in New Zealand is been penalized by $16,000 in the Auckland District Court. NZ Korea Health was penalized after pleading responsible to nine violation of the Fair Trading Act.

No payout for Albany bondholders

investment company AlbanyThe bondholders owed almost 23.56 million dollars in the investment company Albany City Property will not get back anything as the company went in to liquidation. The company had to develop a large chunk of Albany on the North Shore of Auckland.

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