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Ms. Gillard Loses Power; Expresses Grief

Julia-GillardAsked for her comment on losing the top job three months ago, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard affirmed that losing the power was like being hit with a fist.

Not only the loss is felt emotionally and physically, but in all moments of acute distress and in your nerve endings also.

She wrote in an article that some of her colleagues were also going through the same phase. Since, they also lost the re-election the previous week.

Silvio Berlusconi Spent $25 Million on Bunga Bunga Parties

Silvio Berlusconi Spent $25 Million on Bunga Bunga PartiesThe latest reports suggest that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi spent $25 million on bunga bunga parties. The prosecutors have leveled charges against Mr. Berlusconi that he paid dozens of women to sleep with him.

School Budget Given Green Signal

School Budget Given Green SignalPolitics is a dirty game where everyone wants to win and nobody wishes to lose. During the recent voting session, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has tried to bring the focus of the electorates to analyze the bloated administrative lines in the school budgets.

Morrison Defends Criticism on New Immigration Policy

Scott MorrisonThe charge of keeping the opposition MPs in the dark, regarding coalition’s announcement of a new immigration policy, is being denied by Senior Liberal Scott Morrison. This had come up as a modified approach to get strict over the boat arrivals; but due to lack of consultation, there are many members within the coalition ranks, who are criticizing the same.

UK Government Officials Charged of Fraud; Many Resigns

UK Government Officials Charged of Fraud; Many Resigns

A Senior Minister in Britain's new coalition Government admitted that he had claimed tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) in taxpayers’ money and has thus resigned on Saturday. He’d alleged this money in order to pay rent to his long-term partner.
It had only been a month that he’d served as the Chief Treasury Secretary and he now would like to step down. He’ll be now substituted by fellow Liberal

NZ stays unilateral tariff revision till 2015

Tim Groser

New Zealand's Trade Minister Tim Groser and Commerce Minister Simon Power ruled out any possibility of unilateral decline in any tariffs until 2015, adding that tariffs would be reviewed after six years based on the conditions at the ground level.

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