Zhou Xiaochuan

Zhou Says China’s Economy Continues to be Fundamentally Healthy

Zhou Says China’s Economy Continues to be Fundamentally Healthy

Governor of the People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, restated that there no reason to expect that the Chinese currency will continuously.

Mr. Zhou said, "There is no basis for persistent RMB depreciation from the perspective of economic fundamentals."

He also stressed that there were tools, which the government could use to limit the risks of a sluggish economic growth in the country.

China Recovering From Financial Meltdown

China Recovering From Financial MeltdownSigns of recovery have been witnessed in Chinese economy as Chinese banks have provided fewer loans as compared to previous estimates. Figures show that in October, the Chinese banks provided 505.2 billion Yuan of local-currency loans.

China-U.S. Come Together to Help Europe’s Debt Catastrophe

Zhou-XiaochuanOn Monday, Chinese Central Bank Governor, Zhou Xiaochuan said that China and the United States of America have finally agreed to come together and help Europe's effort in winning the problem of debt arrears.

Generally, both sides have stated to support the measures that Europe has initiated to handle the problems. The common view was that the speed of the international monetary recuperation will basically be maintained.