Space X makes a Third Attempt to Land Falcon 9 Rocket on Drone Ship

Elon MuskSpaceX is again ready with its Falcon 9 Rocket, in its third attempt to return and land the rocket on a barge-like boat in the Atlantic Ocean.

Research Links Glacial Earthquakes to Movements of Massive Icebergs

Research Links Glacial Earthquakes to Movements of Massive Icebergs The seismic activity on the Greenland ice sheet stands unveiled, as the researchers have attributed this glacia

New Research claims that Kangaroos Are Lefties

New Research claims that Kangaroos Are Lefties

Kangaroos and other marsupials are predominantly lefties, that is, they are partial with their left limbs, as compared to right ones. This has been proved in a study published on Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

Even a Plant on Balcony can Attract Pollinators: Do your part!!

pollinatorsYou can help restore declining population of pollinators by simply growing a potted plant. Pollinators, like bees, bats and butterflies help at least 80% of the world’s crop species grow.

Scientists Successfully Measure Mass of a Supermassive Black Hole

Hubble-TelescopeA team of scientists successfully measured the mass of a supermassive black hole located in the center of galaxy NGC 1097, which is a barred spiral galaxy some 45 million light years away.

Deep within every massive galaxy in the universe laid the supermassive black holes hidden in the center of these galaxies that can measure up to more than a million times the mass of our sun.

Venus Might Have Active Volcanoes on Its Surface

VenusThe European Space Agency (ESA) Venus Express spacecraft recently gave evidence that the planet might be a host to lava flows.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Venus express spacecraft studied the planet eight years before its mission ended in 2014.


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