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Scientists create whiskers on robots which sense their surroundings

whiskersResearchers have been attempting to provide extra support to robots by attempting to copy living things throughout recent years to enhance their productivity. As a result we've seen mechanical eyes, robots that swim like dolphins or fly like fowls.

Extinction may hit one in four Shark and Ray Species

Shark-and-Ray-SpeciesInside a fish port in Banyuwangi in Indonesia's East Java province in 2008 sharks which have been caught on wooden boats have been put on display after unloading.

During the last two days there have been two incidents of shark attacks which caused the media to start a frenzy of `Jaws' but if you see by numbers then the sharks are more at risk of being extinct since every year humans kill around 100 million of them.

Sixth Sense: Ability to Sense Change in Surrounding Environment

Sixth-SenseA group of researchers from the University of Melbourne has carried out a research on sixth sense. After performing their study on around 50 people, the study researchers have concluded that sixth sense is one's ability to sense about a change that has taken place in surrounding environment.

Dolphins Produce Power 10 Times more than Fittest Human Athletes

DolphinsHave you ever wondered why dolphins are able to swim easily even when they are next to boats getting propelled by engines? Answer has been found in a research carried out by a group of researchers from West Chester University in US.

Lead researcher Frank Fish, head of the Liquid Life Laboratory, has affirmed that in normal routine, dolphins are able to produce power 10 times more than the fittest human athlete can.

Cats see Others as Bigger Cats

CatsWith passage of time, cats have increasingly become the choice of many people for a pet. This furry feline specie warmly meets its owner by rubbing on his legs. And, you must be thinking that it is showing love for its owner, but such is not the case.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Visits Belfast

Canadian-Astronaut-Chris-HadfieldCanadian astronaut Chris Hadfield continues to attract headlines of leading dailies. Recently, Hadfield visited Belfast for the first time. Hadfield, 54, became super-hero when he shared science experiments on space with people on Earth. Not only this, his stint on the International Space Station has encouraged a number of youngsters to consider aeronautics as their career choice.