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Scientists Label Anzu Wyliei Dinosaur as ‘Chicken from Hell’

dinosaurPaleontologists have labeled Anzu Wyliei dinosaur as 'chicken from hell. The dinosaur was discovered by scientists from Carnegie and Smithsonian museums along with researchers from the University of Utah.

Searchers Combed Fields of St. Thomas Hunting for Meteorite Fragments

MeteoriteOn Tuesday, scientists at Western University in London saw images of a massive meteorite blazing through the night sky and entering Earth. The fireball, which is said to be around the size of a basketball, was first seen in Port Dover and then it got disappeared over St. Thomas.

CSIRO to Combine Technologies to Control Queensland Fruit Fly’s spread in Australia

Fruit-FlyQueensland fruit fly, one of Australia's most economically damaging pests, is becoming a danger for the nation's horticulture industry that is worth 6.9 billion Australian dollars. The Q-fly is quite a mobile insect capable of infecting massive range of major fruit and vegetable crops like stone and tropical fruits.

Far Less Tsunami Debris Reached B.C. Shores than Expected, says Officials

Far Less Tsunami Debris Reached B.C. Shores than Expected, says Officials	There were concerns among B. C. officials with regard to tsunami debris coming to their shores. But they must have taken a sigh of relief as officials said that much less debris has reached their shores than expected.

DST to Officially Resume on Second Sunday in March

DST to Officially Resume on Second Sunday in MarchDaylight Saving Time (DST) will start on the second Sunday in March at 2 am and end on the first Sunday of November. This means people will have to set their clocks one hour before for the change.

Bill Nye Debated with Ken Ham over Evolution Theory

Bill-NyeBill Nye, the Science Guy debated with Ken Ham the Creationism Guy on the topic of evolution of human beings on February 4. Ken Ham, who is founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum and president of Answers in Genesis, said that secularists have hijacked the word science and have disapproved supernatural explanations for natural events.