Hugh Rennie Challenges OLDC’s Instruction That Snubs Right to Speak

Hugh-RennieThe new law framed by the Queenstown Lakes District Council to keep the mouths shut on the contentious issue of Airport share sale was criticized by a top lawyer of New Zealand.

A media law and elections expert, Hugh Rennie, Wellington QC, expressed that he did not agree with such a law that barred one to speak over certain issues. He claimed that candidates have right to speak freely. The advice was put forward by QLDC lawyer Mactodd this week.

Supreme Court agrees to hear case on video violence

violenceWithin a week of the striking down of the 2005 California law on free-speech grounds, the Supreme Court Monday agreed to decide whether California and six other states – Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Washington - can prohibit the sale of violent video games to the under-18s.

The law has been blocked on the basis of a free-speech challenge filed by the video gaming industry.

Foreign Property Investors to Face Tight Regulations from Rudd Government

Foreign Property Investors to Face Tight Regulations from Rudd GovernmentFollowing the reports that Australia’s property market has been crowned with the title of most expensive market due to A

Doctor booked for botching bosom-boosting surgery

Doctor booked for botching bosom-boosting surgery A multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against a doctor for damaging a bosom-boosting surgery on a 47-year-old woman.

Farmer and Transpower to Negotiate

Farmer and Transpower to Negotiate

Steve and Delia Meier, the farmers who’ve been involved in a five year long legal battle with Transpower, the power company that has six transmission lines running through their property, today expressed desire to end the drawn out conflict by agreeing to a meeting.

B.C. Court Disapproves Federal Government Appeal

B-C-CourtThe B. C. Court of Appeal has disapproved Federal Government‘s appeal to shut down Vancouver's supervised injection site on the city's troubled Downtown Eastside.

InSite was established in 2003 in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside under a temporary exemption from national drug laws.