US suit faced by ANZ

US suit faced by ANZ

As per the media reports, a class action has been brought against ANZ and top executives by US investors on the account of misleading conduct over the failed stock lender Opes Prime.

If adhered to ANZ spokeswoman, the claim had no foundation and the bank was trying hard to have the claim terminated.

Plaintiff Legacy Solutions has alleged that risk controls of ANZ over its stock lending operations were poor.

Mrs. Whyte becomes the first Blue Chip investor to take the stand

Mrs. Whyte becomes the first Blue Chip investor to take the stand

In a representative hearing, which will decide the fate of investors in three apartment buildings, saw retired Aucklander Peggy Whyte becoming the first Blue Chip investor to take the stand.

It should be noted that of 34 inventors who have targeted three property development companies Greenstone Barclay Trustees, Turn and Wave and Icon Central in a court case that is likely to last six weeks, Mrs. Whyte is also one of them.

Laboratory fight appeal declined to be heard by Court

Diagnostic Medlab, Labtests

Since the Supreme Court is ruling in favor of new operator Labtests over Diagnostic Medlab, it seems that the bad blood over Auckland laboratory testing operation could be a thing of the past.

Though the battle between the two companies has come to an end, there are no celebrations as yet.

Harbour Health's Susan Turner reports, "Overall what it means is a complete reduction in services in the workforce and in the collection centres."

Police association supports the DNA sampling

New Zealand

The police association is hopeful that under a proposed law change, which would allow police to take DNA samples from suspects, would enable them to catch more criminals.

As of now, the samples from DNA can only be gathered when a person is convicted, or the high court has approved it.

According to the Police, at most crime scenes, a DNA sample is left behind and thus the latest law would make it easy for them to trap more serious criminals.