NZ Super age lift to 67 can lead to big savings

NZ Super age lift to 67 can lead to big savings

According to investment specialist Mercer, the Crown can save up to $100 billion over 30 years, if the age of eligibility for superannuation is raised to 67, to deal with longer life-spans and falling fertility rates.

Mercer is of the viewpoint that the dire need for the Government is to look at the adequacy of retirement savings; and reduce the reliance on Super, clearly highlighted by the double whammy of an ageing population and global financial crisis.

Marlborough is the happiest place

Marlborough is the happiest place

According to the latest survey results, a healthy bond with family and friends and job satisfaction make people the happiest.

The happiness can also be further enhanced by socializing, having a sport, hobby, or interest in the arts.

The annual UMR Research happiness survey, however, found that New Zealanders are less happy this year than last year, as times are tough.

It is in Nelson/Marlborough where the men are the happiest; and in the Bay of Plenty women are the happiest.

Most donated cash went to telemarketing: Epilepsy NZ

Epilepsy NZ

Epilepsy NZ snapped its ties with the Epilepsy Foundation on the issue of the utilization of funds.

According to the Epilepsy NZ, only a small fraction of 2.8 million collected for the charity was actually spent for the cause it was collected.

Producers of New Zealand biofuels join forces

Aquaflow Bionomic and Solray Energy

With the aim to improve the economics of algal biofuel production, two New Zealand-based research companies- Aquaflow Bionomic and Solray Energy- have joined forces.

It should be noted that several industries including dairy, meat and paper, produce nutrient-rich wastewater, which must be treated before it can legally be discharged into the watercourse.

For this purpose, 'settling ponds' are brought in use to get rid of organic sludge from the wastewater. One of the essential parts of the process is algae, which feeds on the sludge.

Training to be imparted to over 1800 Maori under new scheme


As per the media reports, under a Government initiative announced on Thursday, over 1800 Maori will be getting training in a wide range of industries.

Banks piped in preferred mayor poll by Brown

Len Brown

Manukau's Mayor Len Brown has piped Auckland City Mayor John Banks in a poll aimed to see who Aucklanders would like to lead the new super-city.

Nearly 482 Aucklanders were instructed by the UMR Research poll to make a direct comparison between Mr Banks and Mr Brown.

After the results, it was seen that there were 35% who preferred Mr Brown, and 34% who preferred Mr Banks.

It has been confirmed by John Banks that he will run for the mayoralty, while Len Brown expects to make a decision within a few weeks.