Two people set free from the matter in currency firm probe

Cornwall PoliceDetectives have arrested two men in the matter of lost of a failed currency company that went into administration. It has owned around £20 million to customers. The men have been freed on bail.

On Tuesday the members of Devon and Cornwall Police's economic crime unit who were investigating has arrested two men aged 68 and 70 respectively in the breakdown of Crown Currency Exchange and Crown Holdings

300 fraud cases against two men

AucklandA total of 300 cases relating to fraud have been laid down by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in which two men are involved. The total money involved in this amounts to $840,000 and it has been taken away from the North Shore City Council.

Names of the two frauds are- Hemant Kumar Maharaj, who is 57 year old and Suresh Din whose age is 56 years. Both these people are a citizen of Auckland land and have entered NO for 73 counts.

Man found guilty in an elaborate mortgage fraud scheme

Raghu-AryasomayajulaRaghu Aryasomayajula, 38 has recently been found guilty of running an elaborative mortgage fraud scheme under which he paid many people with a view to borrow millions of dollars for mortgages for him.

Cops to investigate the Feilding robbery

Feilding robberySoon after the Feilding bar was held up at knife-point on the weekend, the cops have started to investigate about the armed robbery.

Crime has levelled off and shown a small decrease

Crime has levelled off and shown a small decreaseNew Zealand police has done a media release announcing for the previous fiscal year crime statistics which shows that crime has levelled off and shown a small decrease. This is an encouraging sign and dedication on part of police. There were around 441,960 recorded offences compared to 442,540 in the previous year and resolved cases were around 523 more than previous year.

Supreme Court to Hear Smacking Case

Supreme Court to Hear Smacking CaseIn a widely publicized case, a Christchurch musician, who has already been convicted for assaulting his four-year-old son, will be arguing his case before the Supreme Court in the month of October. This case has managed to attract a lot of publicity and is also being seen as a test case for people who are supporting the anti-smacking legislation.