UK police want more powers to deal with cyber-stalking

UK police want more powers to deal with cyber-stalking

UK police want more powers to deal with increasing cases of cyber-stalking or online harassment. 

Man charged after slashing a cop

policeAs the report suggest in the recent times we see that there have been a lot of aspects that can be understood here in order to remember that there are cases of growing violence all around the worl

Jailed For Drug Abuse

DrugReg Spiers, the daughter of former Commonwealth games winner has been jailed for the alleged use of drugs.

Jane Margaret Spiers, aged 44, has been imprisoned for the use of drugs. She has been sentenced to prison for the alleged usage as well as the manufacture of a controlled drug. She pled guilty. She is sentenced for a jail of six years.

UK police releases 5 DDoS attack participants; FBI conducts raids

e-crimeFive Britons arrested in connection with the distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks in support of WikiLeaks were released on Friday on police bail.

The Metropolitan police's central e-crime unit had arrested three teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 19, along with two more individuals in a series of raids conducted in the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London.

The Storm of Phone hacking is growing deeper

The phone hacking case re-opened at Scotland-Yard has created a new storm in the market. At the same time some of the new cases are coming up as well.

While the Scotland Yard was trying to handle the scandal of phone hacking, last night several new cases were revealed. Tim Godwin, the present commissioner pledged to leave behind no stone unturned as the detectives stated during interrogation.

Robbers dig Into Bank

robberyDuring a heist that appears copied from a Hollywood film, robbers in Argentina channeled into a bank on New Year's Eve, prowling a few 140 safe deposit containers from the crypt.

The bank thieves approached the vault in Buenos Aires, of a branch of Banco Provincia through a 100-foot channel that linked to a close by structure, as per the authorities. The passageway supposedly incorporated aeration, illumination, even fitted carpet.